[G4-34], [G4-42] Responsibility for monitoring the Group’s socio-environmental issues and identifying CSV projects and initiatives rests with the Corporate Shared Value department, which:

  • reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  • periodically reports to the Control and Risk Committee.

The latter acts as a corporate sustainability overseer, ensuring the consistency of actions carried out with the principles of the Group’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and with the values adopted by the Group.

[G4-48] The sustainability Report, including the materiality analysis, is the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and is submitted for approval to the Board of Directors.  [G4-47] During 2015, the Board of Directors met the representatives of the CSR department twice.

[G4-35] Socio-environmental responsibilities are delegated, in the same way as all other powers delegated by the company, by applying the procedure Granting and revoking powers. In particular,  [G4-36] responsibility for monitoring and communicating environmental and social issues rests with the CSV department, which draws up the sustainability Report, manages relations with rating agencies and also oversees the implementation of particular projects. Responsibility for managing particular socio-environmental themes remains with the departments that directly manage operations related to these themes. For example: the People Value department is responsible, among other things, for ensuring the health and safety of employees, liaising with employee representatives, guaranteeing compliance with employment legislation, etc.; the Open Access/Wholesale department ensure compliance with environmental legislation, etc.; the Network Infrastructures & Energy department plans initiatives for reducing energy consumption, etc.  [G4-42] The latter two departments, in particular, identify specific strategies and direct targets for improving socio-environmental performance, each department operating within its area of responsibility. The strategies, activities and socio-environmental targets of the various departments are stated in the sustainability Report.

[G4-37] Just as the responsibility for dealing with each socio-environmental issue is assigned to the department that is operationally responsible for dealing with that issue, stakeholder consultation is delegated to the departments that are operationally responsible for dealing with the Company’s stakeholders. The various involvement initiatives are listed in the Stakeholder Engagement section of this Report.