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For a long time now we have been living in a “knowledge society” where knowledge is assuming a central role in economic, social and political terms, constantly fed by research and innovation. Universities are required to promote the direct application, enhancement and use of knowledge generated by training and research by collaborating with businesses and other local actors.

With this in mind, Telecom Italia has launched a new relationship model with leading universities and national and international research centres, which focuses on enhancing talent and developing key skills to transfer innovation to the Company. The goal is to strengthen the Company’s ability to innovate while at the same time contributing to the development of research and the training of young people together with schools and universities to contribute to bridging the gap between the skills required by the world of work and the education and training provided.

School and Business are two fundamental levels for economic development in a period of economic difficulty and transformation.

The “TIM-Network Scuola Impresa” project, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Education, was set up in 2009 to transfer key skills, scenarios and evolutionary trends in the sector to students, promoting the image of the company across the country and enhancing the Company’s skills by promoting its dissemination externally.

Seven editions of the TIM Network Scuola Impresa Project were carried out between 2009 and 2015, with the annual involvement of 35 schools and as many teachers from Telecom Italia.

With regard to cooperation with universities, we would highlight:

  • the funding of scholarships to encourage young graduates to study for post-graduate qualifications: 131 doctorate scholarships were assigned between 2011 and 2015, dedicated to the development of specific company research projects. For the 2015-2016 academic year, another 40 doctoral scholarships have been envisaged;
  • collaboration with postgraduate study courses via the funding of 4 Master’s courses on subjects closely linked to business;
  • a permanent national and European observatory on issues connected with digital innovation, job evolution and the respective skills for the development of new skills for young people;
  • sponsorship for the “Tim Chair in Market Innovation” as part of the multiannual collaboration with Milan’s Bocconi University.

Telecom Italia’s collaborations with schools and universities play a full part in the activities and projects the company implements to create shared value for the business and society, strengthening the link with the local productive fabric. These partnerships in fact boost local economic and social development and contribute to training personnel with specific skills in areas of interest to the company.

A few figures relating to the project

  • 45 universities with which the Group has implemented partnerships
  • 171 three-year doctorate scholarships funded (27th - 31st cycle)
  • Over 1,000 hours of training provided by Company experts in 2015 in the academic and educational field
  • 40 thesis writers managed in 2015
  • around 56 interns in 2015
  • around 2.3 million euros invested in cooperation projects with Universities in 2015


The Social Value consists of the investments made by Telecom Italia to support the project.