Digital represents the new collective progress factor, offering new opportunities that impact the economy and society in different ways. Suppliers have a direct influence on the communities and in the areas within which they go about their activities and, last but not least, the involvement of the organisations that monitor the related social and environmental aspects, must be considered.

  • Sustainability checks

    [G4-Dma Supplier Human Rights Assessment], [G4-Dma Employment] Activities intended to verify the sustainability performance of common suppliers and sub-suppliers continued in 2015 in the framework of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC)1 initiative, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed at the end of 2009 by Telecom Italia, Orange and Deutsche Telekom.


    In a competitive context, where business, technological and consumption models undergo continuous major transformations, the change necessary to successfully overcome the market challenges must include the valuation of people and the development of their professional skills.


    Telecom Italia is firmly convinced that social and economic sustainability depends first and foremost on respect and attention for the people working in the Group. On the basis of this belief, numerous initiatives are taken to ensure that people can go peaceably about their work and, as far as the Company is able to assist in this respect, their day-to-day personal lives. A group of people in the Company is dedicated entirely to listening to the needs expressed by employees and to developing initiatives which can satisfy them.


    [G4-HR4[G4-DMA Employment] Telecom Italia has always entertained open, transparent relations with the trade unions and workers’ representatives, in the belief that it is only through continuous, constructive dialogue that the best possible balance can be struck with respect to the expectations of all stakeholders.