[G4-EC7], [G4-EC8] Telecom Italia pays attention to Business Continuity1 a key element for protecting the value and reputation of the Group in delivering its services and products and in full compliance with the terms of its contracts with customers, industry regulations and, more generally, in accordance with the relevant international methodol


    The Company stands as a digital ecosystem “enabler”, connecting companies, government bodies and local communities, so as to create positive synergies for development. The contribution the Group makes towards growth in the sectors in which it operates doesn’t stop at infrastructure projects but ranges from digital solutions for government local bodies to cloud services for businesses, digital platforms for healthcare, applications for people with disabilities to technologies for reducing energy use by cities and companies.

  • Smart Services

    [G4-EC7], [G4-EC8] In the context of public sector services, in accordance with the Italian Digital Agenda (ADI) and European Directives, in 2015 Telecom Italia consolidated and streamlined its offer of Smart Services (a range of services for energy efficiency and digital services in urban areas), Urban Security (providing new services dedicated to security, the environment and optimal energy management) and Digital School.

  • Pappanoinweb


  • EducaTI


  • TIM College

    The TIM College offer expresses the commitment to bring technology into Italian schools. The offer is aimed at people under thirty and is intended to boost digital schools, providing a sound instrument to help young people in their training and studies.