[G4-Dma Anti-competitive Behavior] Telecom Italia is committed to promoting fair competition, a factor considered to be in its interests and those of all market operators, customers and stakeholders in general, promoting and participating in initiatives and projects, together with competitors, and in the management of technical round tables and the activities of trade associations.

Our target audiences in this respect are:

  • OLOs (Other Licensed Operators);
  • the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM);
  • the Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM);
  • associations, federations and national and international trade associations.

Telecom Italia manages relations with associations, coordinating representation activities in respect of Confindustria and other Trade associations.

Initiatives at national and local level consist of actions and meetings about business development and protecting the company’s interests in the fields of economics, regulations, trade unions and labour. These initiatives are based on dialogue and comparing respective positions in order to identify, where possible, a common position for the sector to be presented to national and Community institutions.

The Group is a member of over 100 local associations, including, in particular, CD Confindustria Digitale and Associazione delle società di TLC (Telecommunications Companies Association). Since 2010, Telecom Italia joined Assinform, the national association of leading Information Technology companies operating in the Italian market, which acts as a link between the main economic, political and institutional entities for the development of Italy as a national system by recourse to innovation and new technologies.

Together with the other operators, Telecom Italia takes part in the Ugo Bordoni Foundation (FUB), which aims to carry out research and studies in the communication and digital technology sector for the purpose of promoting scientific progress and technological innovation. The Foundation, in which public administration performs management and control functions, provides advice to Parliament, the Government and independent administrative Authorities.

Telecom Italia also participates in the Audio and ICT District, a consortium of around 60 businesses operating in the information technology, telecommunications, networking and media sectors. Sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, the Union of Industrialists and the Rome Chamber of Commerce, the objective of the District is to express and represent, within its field, the industrial activities and services operating in the new economic area of the great convergence or multimediality. In order to monitor the competitive situation, quantitative surveys are periodically carried out on a representative sample of the adult Italian population to measure the effectiveness of advertising for telecommunication services. These measure how well the individual operators are known, unprompted and prompted knowledge of advertising, recollection of advertising content, enjoyment of advertising and likelihood of entering into a contract.

For many years now, the Company has had an overall Group reputation monitoring service related to all types of media (print and online, radio, TV, social web). The tool analyses and compares Telecom Italia’s presence and that of its main domestic competitors. The system allows Telecom Italia to be positioned quantitatively (number of hits and visibility) and qualitatively (positive or negative arguments, sentiment, image profile) in the competitive context, highlighting the positive and negative areas in the individual media. An alerting system has also be activated on subjects that may potentially have an impact on the Group’s reputation.

As part of the rebranding project, in Italy, a monitoring system was activated which annually assesses the impact over time of the evolution of the new single TIM commercial brand in the domestic market.