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The Digital Champion, a position created by the European Union in 2012, is an innovation ambassador, appointed by each Member State of the European Union and the European Commission to promote the benefits of an inclusive digital society.

Digital Champions work with citizens, communities, companies, governments and the academic world, encouraging the dissemination of digital technology in communities, by promoting digital skills in education and e-Government services.

The current Italian Digital Champion, Riccardo Luna, has decided to appoint a digital champion in every Italian municipality, launching the website, a point of reference for the network of activists, volunteers and digital enthusiasts tasked with mobilising the Country.

Digital technology is a means of enabling change in society and the Digital Champions initiative addresses digital technology, both as an enabler and in terms of education and training, contributing to creating social value (literacy, digital education) and economic value (opening to new markets/clients) as well.

The Group is a founding member of the Association and at the foundation ceremony on 20 November 2014 it was recognised as the first industrial partner. The closeness to this project is aimed at establishing effective collaboration with the network of Italian innovators across the Country.

Digital Championship is the digital talent show created and produced with the Digital Champions Association. A 6-stop tour during which 5 local Digital Talents are selected each time to illustrate 5 best practices, in 6 minutes each, in order to share them on social media and make them replicable.

Local open calls attracted 100 projects, 5 of which were selected for each of the 6 stops. During the live event, these were voted and commented on by 4 judges, 2 top managers from the Group and 2 leading figures from the relevant area.

All the events were broadcast in live streaming and on-demand on

A few figures relating to the project

  • 5,205 streaming users (live + on demand) in 2015;
  • 1,450 physical participants in the 2015 events;
  • 104,655 conversations generated on Twitter in 2015;
  • 300 employees involved.


The Social Value consists of the investments made by Telecom Italia to support the project.