social need
Economic well-being
8,437 mln
social value


The Group’s activities generate direct employment for over 52,000 people in Italy. This means that for every 225 employees of the private sector, one belongs to Telecom Italia. The phenomenon becomes even more significant when you consider the indirect employees, i.e. the ones working on projects connected with the activities of the Group. A total of around 110,000 people, corresponding to around 1% of employees in the whole private sector, are either directly or indirectly employed by the Group in Italy.

Direct employment: the direct impact on employment is measurable based on the number of employees. In Italy, the Company can count on a workforce of 52,554 as of 31/12/2015.

Indirect employment: estimated number of workers in the supply chain that is structurally interdependent with the business of Telecom Italia. 57,000 workers are estimated to be employed indirectly by the Company.


The Social Value consists of the followin:

  • 2,754 million euros: direct contribution to the families of the Domestic Business Unit.
  • 1,437 million euros: indirect contribution to the families1.
  • 4,246 million euros: indirect contribution to businesses2 and public administration.         


1 The contractual remuneration for the product categories of suppliers were considered for an accurate calculation.

2 The figures consists of the economic resources distributed to supplier companies in Italy, net of the indirect contribution to families.