Involvement initiatives

Use of the suppliers’ portal (Vendors Hub), launched at the end of 2011 to improve communication and optimise operational processes by applying social networking systems to the business context, is now well established. The portal now includes around 3,500 enabled vendors on the application platform.

The portal allows suppliers to access a private area to view important data and events connected to their relationship with Telecom Italia and manage all their own details, thus improving the smooth operation and transparency of the relationship. The Vendors Hub also includes a public area containing information for potential suppliers. Documentation is exchanged electronically (e.g. offers, purchase orders, contracts, qualification documentation, surveys), thus reducing the environmental impact resulting from the use of paper and from transporting and storing documents.

For the ninth consecutive year, the Group’s main suppliers have been involved in the survey on satisfaction with the Purchasing department and, more generally, with Telecom Italia. The online questionnaire, consisting of 28 questions, remained active for 3 weeks. The analysis involved 1,078 active suppliers in the Vendors Hub, with a participation rate of 59.1%, higher than the one recorded in previous editions and around 4.2% higher than the one achieved in 2014. The overall assessment of the supply relationship with the Telecom Italia Group achieved a score of 81/100, having improved by three percentage points compared to 2014. The positive satisfaction rating achieved in previous surveys was therefore confirmed.