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Starting from the conviction that together we can build a better world, TIM Brasil encourages its employees to participate in volunteering and solidarity initiatives, in order to do good by helping others.

Through its “Citizen without Borders” (Cidadão Sem Fronteiras) project, TIM Brasil encourages its employees to engage in volunteering work for organisations of their choosing or to participate in social actions promoted within the Company.

All employees can take a day off work per year to dedicate to volunteering for children, young people, the elderly and whole families by supporting welfare organisations. This kind of work contributes to achieving the annual volunteering objective of TIM Brasil.

The following are a few testimonials from employees who have already taken part in volunteering activities.

“I participate in volunteer activities with the NGO Dreaming Together. We are 15-2volunteers visiting different hospitals and playing with hospitalized children, some with cancer, severcases, some in isolation or postoperatively. Some colleagues helped me by donating materials for the games. Besides being a beautiful work, it doesn’t costs me anything and it makes me see life differently. I distracted myself more than the children themselves, its priceless to see them smiling.”

Fabiana Bochner (Analyst - Accounts Payable - Chief Financial Officer - Rio de Janeiro)

“Since I was little I used to participate in voluntary actions with my mother and I learned that life needs to be a circle of good deeds that by doing good, it comes back to us, like a wheel of love and charity. When I started working at TIM, I  met  people  who  wer also  engaged  with  these  actions.   met  Citizen  without  Frontiers  program  and  initially  with a smaller group of colleagues, we extend the action to all regional. There is no point being a person who does good for itself, good has to be extended to others, this will generate positive attitudes. I believe that charity is the only way to learn to transform us as people. Doing good to others generates more benefits to youself, and only those who participates in a  voluntar action  can  understand  it.   thank  TIM  for  allowing  me  to  organize  these  actions  within  the  Company.” Priscilla Emilio (Specialist - People Management - People Value - São Paulo)

In 2015, 181 employees of TIM Brasil joined in the “Citizen without Borders” programme. 


The Social Value refers to the average daily salary of a TIM Brasil employee (303 reais) multiplied by the number of volunteer days carried out in 2015.