social need
Economic well-being
Quality of work
places in 20 nurseries
0.9 mln
social value


The MioNido nurseries for children of colleagues (or living as part of their families), aged between 3 months and 3 years, are internal facilities within the company, charging the same fees as local nurseries, with hours to suit the various requirements, aimed at improving work-life balance and quality of life in the Company.

10 Company nurseries are currently operating in offices in Turin, Milan, Florence, Ancona, Rome (3), Naples, Catanzaro, Palermo, with an additional 10 private nurseries operating by special agreement in Turin, Padua (2), Trento, Bologna and Rome (5). These facilities offer different time bands for children, in order to meet the needs of the staff, particularly those doing shift work. The location of the nursery is chosen based on assessments of the type of people employed by the Company (average age of employees, number of children between 0 and 3 years, presence of female workers) and the workplace location (logistical difficulties, presence of a call centre, etc.).

The 10 company nurseries and 10 private nurseries offer any places not filled by colleagues to external companies (Poste

Italiane, Banca Intesa, Assicurazioni Generali, etc.) which, in turn, provide Telecom Italia with places in their nurseries.

For the academic year 2015-2016, there are 20 nurseries and the Company is the first in Italy to be trying out a preschool service at its offices on Via Oriolo Romano, Rome, which already has a nursery.

few benefits of the project

  • significant reduction in absences of working mothers with children between 0-3 years in offices with nurseries, with a consequent reduction in the costs of absenteeism
  • reduction in the full use of parental leave or recourse to part-time work by parents who have benefited from the service
  • 537 places available
  • 400 places occupied
  • average contribution 2,250 euros
  • potential income 1,208,250 euros
  • actual income 900,000 euros


The Social Value is the average contribution paid by the Company (2,250 EUR) multiplied by 400 places occupied by employees’ children in nurseries.