The city of Milan had a unique experience for six months thanks to Expo 2015, against the backdrop of which the first Italian model of a completely digital smart city was created.

Telecom Italia has created a prototype of a sustainable and smart city equipped with latest generation fixed and mobile network infrastructure and technological solutions (including mobile-payment, mobile-ticketing services and smart solutions for visitors and the PAs).




By investing over 42 million euros, the company has become an Integrated Connectivity & Services Partner, with a pivotal role in implementing and managing all the Information & Communication Technology infrastructure of the event. Telecom Italia was the first Official Global Partner chosen by Expo 2015, providing state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and solutions and its expertise as an international operator to welcome guests and participants from many countries.

The partnership involved support provided by Telecom Italia to developing a sustainable and smart city – the first Smart City of the future – of which the exhibition site was an example.

As part of the project, the Group installed fixed network, mobile and IT infrastructure, supplied cutting edge technological solutions, including mobile payment and mobile ticketing solutions and smart solutions for visitors and public administration bodies.

Mobile network infrastructure LTE

broadcasting coverage of the whole exhibition site.
137 TB of data downloaded on the Expo site and over 16 million TIM calls, more than 70% of traffic on LTE.

Fixed network infrastructure

Generated almost 1 Petabyte of data (972 Terabytes) across the whole purpose-built Internet network.
Almost 285 Terabytes to support the Wi-Fi network, with peaks of almost 25,000 users at the same time.

The Cloud

  • Over 90 mission critical app services managed in the cloud. 
  • Over 21 million tickets issued in the cloud. 

Digital Systems

Expo Milan 2015 was also the first Digital World Fair. Advanced technological solutions, for the most part supplied by the Group, helped promote and disseminate its content via web platforms. The Digital Expo offered recorded 70 million visits. Within the exhibition site as well, the visit was enriched by digital tools: via the management platform provided, the 100 interactive totems handled over 10 million sessions and over 1.7 million selfies sent by visitors.

Command and Control Centre (EC3)

The Group created the innovative and complex EC3, a kind of external control room to the exhibition site, which ensured the operational management of the event integrated with the police forces. At the request of Expo 2015, Telecom Italia also operated as a Security Operations Centre for the operational management of IT security at the event. Thanks to the technological security platform, the efficiency of the agreed incident management process implemented with the cooperation of the other parties involved, and the effectiveness of the countermeasures, the volume of IT incidents was reduced by over 80% between the inauguration and the end of the event, and no incidents occurred that could be classified as critical.

Milestones & performance


la timeline

300 km of fibre laid
15,000 interconnected objects
4G coverage across the whole area

450 virtual servers
2 data centers
100 apps managed

>terabytes of dedicated storage
1.800 wifi hotspots

500 TIM professionals contributed to the project
> 100 million euros in revenue

> 42 million euros invested in sponsorship by the Group

almost 70 million digital visits
over 70,000 events managed

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The Business Value is Telecom Italia S.p.A.’s revenue arising from Expo 2015. The Social Value, which amounts to 51.6 million euros, consists of the following:

  • 32.1 million euros: enhancement in kind of the Expo 2015 sponsorship.
  • 10 million euros: Expo 2015 sponsorship. 
  • 6.5 milion euros: indirect contribution1 to businesses and families. 
  • 2.5 milion euros: PIL generated by the amount of investment for the construction of the Expo 2015 Network multiplied by 0.932.
  • 0.5 milion euros: enhancement in kind of the Italy Pavillon.

Expo Map

1 The contractual remuneration for the product categories of suppliers were considered for an accurate calculation.

2 Impact of broadband on the economy, ITU, 2012 – National Broadband Plan in Germany. The value expresses the euros of GDP generated per euro invested in building the super-fast broadband networks and includes direct (generated by the companies that build the network), indirect (generated by supplier companies) and induced impacts (generated by greater consumption deriving from direct and indirect impacts).


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