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With You We Do

When technology is combined with the voluntary sector virtuous dynamics of the co-generation of value and collaboration between people are created. This is the case of crowdfunding, a social phenomena and innovative business model, based on bottom-up funding dynamics.

In 2014 Telecom Italia activated a crowdfunding platform to allow brilliant ideas to take shape, contributing to the social growth of the country.
A social funding tool for innovative ideas and projects in the fields of social, cultural and environmental innovation.


WithYouWeDo provides citizens and charities or non-profit-making organisations with an innovative digital tool to raise funds, with a few distinct advantages over other crowdfunding platforms already on the market, supporting projects in the social, cultural and environmental fields. No commissions on the amount donated are taken and the same terms and conditions apply to participants as those applicable to the Group, which reduces transaction costs on payment systems. To take part you simply need to register at and submit your project proposal to the portal.

The WithYouWeDo team, which consists of Company experts and crowdfunding platform specialists, checks and selects the ones considered most suitable for each of the proposed areas (Social Innovation, Environment, Digital Culture). The selected projects are then published online for at least three months, during which the funding offered by interested donors can be raised.

The Company provides strong communication support and visibility for the initiatives through the various relevant communities and special dedicated initiatives. In order to make donations, all you need to do is register on the platform supplying your email address and a password, or using your Facebook, Google or Linkedin account. Donations can be made of between 2 euros and 5,000 euros maximum.

A few figures relating to the project

  • 900 donations 
  • average donation above 260 euros per person
  • average project goal: 21,000 euros 
  • 2,400 registered users
  • 240 projects presented
  • About 1,000,000 pages visited 
  • around 500,000 unique users
  • over 400 project proposals received from organisations and associations since the launch 
  • in the first two calls, 27 of the 240 projects received were selected, for which a financial contribution of 25% of the target was guaranteed, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per project 
  • in the call, as many as 8 out of 15 projects achieved the target set, raising over 270,000 euros (125% of the target), including the Telecom Italia contribution of around 55,000 euros. 


The Social Value consists of the investments made by Telecom Italia to support the project

Milestones & performance


la timeline

3 calls
500 projects analysed
42 selected on the platform

18 projects on target, first two calls,
10 (56%) of which led by women

Number of donations ca. > 1800
Average donation ca. €330

Total donations of the 3 calls > 600 thousand euros

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With You We Do
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