At the end of the 1990s, Telecom Italia launched a series of internal research and development activities to build terminals with a reduced environmental impact. In order to improve the environmental efficiency of products offered to private and business customers alike, attention has to be paid to their energy aspects, optimising consumption while meeting the needs of the services delivered and applying “Design For Environment” rules that reduce their environmental impact, particularly during the production phase and the end-of-life management of equipment.

Pursuing and expanding this logic, the Telecom Italia Green logo has been created, renamed TIM eco-friendly in 2015, to identify both Telecom Italia’s environmental protection initiatives and projects and eco-friendly products.

For products and initiatives that bear this logo, information is provided about the features and specific solutions adopted, as a result of which their eco-friendliness and/or environmental benefit can be demonstrated. In the case of products, this information appears in the environmental statement drawn up in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard, as well as in the sustainability section of the telecomitalia.com website, where information can also be found about the “eco- friendly” features of initiatives and projects.

The eco-friendly range includes a number of products developed with the assistance of suppliers and dedicated to business and consumer customers alike.

The most recent environmental declarations issued relate to 4 new products launched in 2015, i.e.:

  • the ADSL Wi-Fi N DA2210 modem produced by ADB and used for broadband services, which provides savings of over 28% on average annual electricity use with respect to a previous generation product, and comes with a high energy efficiency power supply (over 79%);
  • the FACILE MAXI Panasonic cordless phone which provides electricity savings of 41% with respect to a previous product with the same functions;
  • the FACILE SMILE Olivetti cordless phone which provides electricity savings of 38% with respect to a previous product with the same functions;
  • the Range Extender Wireless WRE6505-AC750 produced by ZyXEL which, in the daily/annual operating cycle, providesa daily reduction of electricity consumption of over 39%.

The electricity savings also translate into an equivalent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It should also be pointed out that particular attention has been paid to the design and choice of the shell and packaging materials, which are homogeneous and recyclable.